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Simply Being {the I & I Am Simultaneously}
Allows me to see Perfection in your Purpose

I See You

Some soothsayers can tell you about how to develop your “assets” and “skills” while overcoming your “challenges” and “flaws”. But I see the world differently. I see your wholeness as the angels see it – without culturally bias distinctions of positive and negative.

I see the things labelled “challenges” without prejudice. Which is to say I see everything about you as perfect. Instead of dividing your wholeness into {that which is wanted} and {that which is in need of change}, I see the wholeness of you as Spirit manifest.

You Are Divine

Some people look at engine parts and see how they could fit together to make a rocket. I look at a person, a system, an idea or a moment in time, and I see One Field. I see interconnectivity that shows how we are already awake and on purpose. I see balance and meaning, and the explanation of ‘what’s going on’ that recognises the divine in everyone and everything (including you).

You are the subject of Divine Experience, and if you really want to know how that works I can show you but I’d much rather be with you in the experience you’re already having so that we can follow what’s already real to its natural explanation in your language (not mine). I’d much rather speak your language than translate your version of truth into my cosmology.

It’s All About You

My only focus is on what makes sense to you (not finding ways to teach you how to see what I see). I am fascinated by your truth as it functions in your experience, and together we are following your lead through a series of conversations about what you need.

Your Truth Your Way

Offering bespoke mentorship means there is no formula. We really design as we go, and that means everything is relevant! Unlike counselling or business programs which separate work-spirituality-health, this is a place of life without borders.

We examine the unique experience and expression of what’s true for you, including many details you might normally disregard, in order to make visible a no-holds-barred picture of your wholeness (as you see it).

Living Master Mentor {the explanation}
Who I am is not What I do

What You Do

My job is not to make you like me or to teach you what I know. My job is to follow your lead. Do you want to accept your wholeness as sacred? Do you want to change yourself? Do you want to explore responsibility or forgiveness in a new way? Do you want a fuller, more productive life where you easily achieve the outcomes you desire?

It’s not for me to say what you need. It’s not for me to decide what’s best for you. The time we spend together is all on you. There will be no-one else responsible for your goals, ideals or way of life. Which is why this process is not for everyone. Some people prefer to defer to an expert, to be told what to do and what to expect.

What I Do

It’s not easy to describe what I do, but here goes. A Living Master Mentor is here to be what needs to be. They allow the universe to rearrange itself as whatever feelings, memories + inclinations are required in this moment. Which can look like lots of different things to different people, since what’s needed will be different in any given moment. What they don’t do is fix, change or heal.

Not A Hero’s Journey?

More than likely you have encountered Joseph Campbell’s theory about the Hero’s Journey. It’s the problem-struggle-solution formula so popular in business plans, social media campaigns, and email marketing strategies these days. You see it in goal setting and growth mindset processes, as well as write-your-book, find-your-soulmate, heal-your-life, and make-a-difference programs. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a product or service that doesn’t use the formula.

Except it never made sense to me. Somehow my experience of the world was not a journey from the problem/obstacle/desire of now, through the struggle (or catharsis) of learning, to reach the solution of a better life/a better business/a better world. But what other story was there?

It’s All Synchronicity

It turns out there are alternative stories on the planet, we just don’t hear them. In a world of Cartesian dualism informed by Newtonian physics, the stories we do hear take certain things for granted – selfhood, dimensionality, cause-and-effect, pathology, and space-time. But these are far from universal.

As I researched the physics + cultural norms across time and space, it became clear that my experience of reality was closer to the non-dualism of Sankara than the Hero’s Journey.

How Does That Help You?

If the Hero’s Journey was enough, then you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t be asking for more or wanting another explanation-experience. You would have all your ducks in a row and be slowly working toward your goals. But you’re not.

Instead, you’re probably wondering, struggling, overwhelmed, isolated, misunderstood, and/or unsatisfied with things as they are. That’s the nature of inspiration – it feels like so many problems and unmet desires, and you’re seeking a new way of managing those experiences so you can get on with the stuff of living!

What Is a Living Master Mentor?

Generally speaking, a mentor is someone who helps you accomplish something – a better business outcome or a weight training goal – but living mastership is different. It’s not about what you could become, it’s about what you already are!

In order to be a Living Master Mentor, you must be especially tuned to the language of Oneness + Surrender + Synchronicity. Especially curious about what’s going on with regards to how culture and knowing have had their way with you.

Recognising My Own Living Mastership

Living Mastership is a bit like your private parts. Everyone has them but no-one has your version of them.

Once I recognised my version, I realised it included all the ways I am in the world. Rather than making me different, I saw that who and what and why I am is all part of one long phrase in the divinity of All That Is. Inseparable, indefinable, and on purpose.

Simply Being A Mentor

As I began to explore my nature as if it was already on purpose, rather than seeing it as a problem/lesson/challenge, the very nature of my experience changed. Instead of dividing the world between inside-outside, self-other, good-bad, positive-negative, and believing that was that, I set in motion life as a cosmic conversation.

I welcomed each moment, each person, each scenario as if it was heaven sent by recognising each movement of the whole in perfect harmony, and honouring my experience of All That Is.

Without ever deciding to teach, my way of simply being was recognised by friends and strangers alike as penetratingly perceptive. And before I had the chance to choose an outcome for myself, the universe had made every moment of my life a living mastership.

How Did I Know?

I didn’t. That’s the thing about simply being. You trust but don’t know anything, and in that space created by the curiosity of not-knowing, you allow, discover, and explore as if you have never been here before!

That wonder, that overarching trust in the perfection of All That Is, is what keeps the “but why?” child alive in everything we do. It’s what feeds our want to know how this is sacred. It’s what inspires us to ask, “where do I need to stand to see the divine in this?” so that we might seek reason in the un.reasonable, and it’s what makes us subject to one another without prejudice even when we seem beset by injustices.

Why I Do What I Do

It’s the 24th of December 2016 and I’m working on my website.
Because I love it!
Because I feel to.
Because > because > because

If you followed all the reasons to their natural end with curious compassion, you would see that all because’s come back to God/Oneness/Spirit/Physics – whatever language makes sense to you.

No matter what it looks like, I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing. I’m purposefully experiencing and experimenting with whatever comes my way; whatever is.

As a function of All That Is, my life is a NOW Process!
A shape in the whirlpool.
A flash of the diamond.
A slice of the un-sliceable whole.

I do what I do as a function of the divine experience. What the Japanese describe as Wei Wu Wei, the mystic’s oneness, and the shaman’s holocoenotic universe. No one cause can be separated from the whole. No one point can be seen a-part from All That Is.

Therefore I do what I do, not as a-part of the whole, but as a function of it…