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10:45 Dropbox folder sharing.

12:12 Wix.com $119

12:25 I kept seeing this commercial about it.

29:50 Hosting with VivioTech compared with Wix.com

35:00 “I’m just trying to give you a real sense of what it’s like to make a decision either way.”

35:40 Wix.com is user-friendly + easiest option

36:06 Biggest problem now is what to call the website!

37:54 “…a decision between the easy way and the invested way; depends on what things are more important.”

39:20 Right now, what I want to do…

40:02 Reliquery.org is an imaginative opportunity for people to explore what the possible answers to a question look like.

43:38 I don’t want to make it confusing; I want clarity!

43:55 Reliquery.org with questions and pictures (listen for examples listed).

45:09 If I do the main page ‘Reliquery’, then how do I tell people about my pure bio energy part; or should I just have it be my name? And then, on the Patreon page, say that Reliquery is something I’m working on and this (Patreon donations) will help me bring it to fruition?

45:53 My goal is to have 4 mornings or afternoons a week when people come to my house (for bioenergy sessions).

48:00 the problem = to make a website of ME as an artist instead of a therapist BUT how then, do I frame it so all of that – bioenergy, PresentsofPresence, and Reliquery – is inclusive within that website?

48:20 I guess I need help in structuring the thought process of how that would flow; to me, it makes sense that it’s all part of the one thing, I just don’t know how to present that to the outside world.

50:44 That’s why the wording – PresentofPresence – appeals to me because it’s a circular idea.

50:58 Example of Daniel and David: I like that it’s not just a present for me to get excited, “when is he going to open it?” it’s also for David, it’s also for Daniel at the end. It’s like a daisy-chain.

52:40 “I see this picture of a box close-up to me and another one that’s further away, and as this one moves toward the other one it goes inside that one as the further away gets closer to me, then moves toward the other box and goes inside that one… like an M C. Escher painting.”

54:03 At the very end of my description of the PresentsofPresence, I say it’s a flowing fractal of joy.

54:22 I used single digit numbers in the Fibonacci sequence 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 as Patreon donation amounts because I love the idea that small things create great effects; it’s the little tiny serendipitous things that add up to make a big difference OR just make it $1 and offer a reward of my choosing to make it fun.

55:33 Part of my problem is that I feel like I have so many ideas that are bursting out of me – I also want to do the bedhead book – part of me gets overwhelmed with all these ideas e.g. which one to start first? I’m not sure how to prioritise.

56:50 the Light Painter Steven Knapp, told him I like the dynamic component of light and how I’m really interested in globes of light; how I wanted to strap this GoPro to my chest and doing some taiji and qigong, and being a world within a world inside this globe twirling while my reflection remains still; asked if he ever thought about instead of just having a light prisming against a wall, constructing two walls of light people could walk through/between down a hallway that responds to their cadence – a cool interactive light play.

59:55 I’m all over the place like Fred Flinstone unsure which direction to zoom off in.

1:00:21 “All of us that have a dynamic fluid sense of reality and how things fit together, feel like we’re working on forty different projects when really we’re not. We’re just working on one. It’s just that the world has this sense that if it’s appearing on Patreon and it’s starting a conversation with someone else and it’s a website over here, it looks like three different things but we know it’s all just the one project!”

1:01:04 I guess I need more self-direction on where to start, which may be a procrastination thing because I don’t feel confident in how to present it all.

1:01:53 “I think you’re already doing it!”

1:03:38 “When you said, maybe it’s just about having the confidence in how you present it all and developing some structure, perhaps a better use of our time is in imagining you are a frog flicking out your tongue connecting to all the prisms and projects that are part of the conversation that is the artist Becca Truly Stuart!?”

“You’re the artist who’s creating a conversation and a pathway with people about things we haven’t figured out yet so that we can have the excitement of that exploration.”

1:06:50 My most favourite images – by Egelsten (artist) – of a woman pirate with treasure saying, “I love this life!” She’s discovering inner treasures as much as outer treasures, and that’s the feeling I have. Adventuresome women. An artist that paved the road for new ideas; intuit the future. A good book called ‘Art in Physics’ mentions Dali pre-paving the road for quantum physics. Continual self-discovery of your inner worlds as well as your outer worlds; the torus of inner gifts and outer gifts; inner exploration outer exploration.

1:10:21 “I think all of the things that you share help people to get a sense of what you’re talking about. Not just why you do what you do but what you see in them and the way you work with them…”

1:11:18 SUMMARY of ideas