My Favourite People

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My favourite practitioners offer everything from circus skills to angel healing. I have found that it’s not so much about what they do as how I experience their work. Although a person can believe themselves to be a bartender, my experience with them goes above and beyond any job description. The same goes for educators, healers and tradies. The truth is, you never know who really does what until you have an experience of them.

John Carter

Biofield Tuning PLUS

John is a Biofield Tuning practitioner and more. He has so many tools in his toolbox it’s hard to pin him down.

Anne Carter

Joyful Hearts Healing

I call Anne the Angel Lady but her Joyful Hearts Healing work with the angels is really only part of the story.

Kenneth W. Stone

Embody Your Soul

Every time we talk I feel like a whole chapter of my new language for the planet gets written down on the page.

Becca Truly Stuart

Gentle Surprises

Miss Becca is just one of those people you can’t get enough of. Kind, sweet and generous of spirit.

Louise Moriarty

WonderFilled World

Louise manifests as poet, muse, healer, spirit-guide, educator and circus skills trainer (among other things).

Naomi Jansson

Integrative Medicine

There are only two medical practitioners on the planet that I trust completely. Naomi is one of them.