My Friends John & Anne Carter

Broadcasters from the Bush in Emmaville, NSW

Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners

Mobile: 0417 626 390

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About John & Anne Carter

John & Anne Carter were already accomplished therapists in their own right when they became Biofield Tuning practitioners.

Having spent many years volunteering at a non-denominational grief retreat, offering Joyful Hearts Healings and working with Matrix Energetics, when these two heart-present individuals felt to add another modality to their practice – not for profit, not for prestige, or to add another career feather in their cap but simply because this is where their spirits called – they chose Biofield Tuning.

It is this sacred curiosity and vulnerable generosity that attracts so many to work with John and Anne, even if what they do seems a bit woo-woo (at first).


Video Introduction

I have included Eileen McKusick’s video description of Biofield Tuning and the accompanying slides. See here for a series of short video snippets from the certification process John and Anne Carter helped to facilitate in Melbourne earlier this year.

Buy Biofield Tuning Toolkit

Also, check out Eileen McKusick’s website  for more information on the Biofield Tuning toolkit and, if you’re in Australia, contact John & Anne for a consultation (including distance tuning).

Eileen McKusick on Biofield Tuning

Accompanying Slides

Interview with Joel Roberts

Books and videos on Biofield Tuning

Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy by Eileen McKusick

Watch the book trailer

Watch Eileen McKusick’s videos and interviews on Biofield Tuning and subscribe to her channel

Biofield Tuning Student Certification

Melbourne February 2016

This is Anne Carter →

Biofield Tuning Student Certification

Melbourne February 2016

⃪ This is John Carter

Biofield Tuning Student Certification

Gold Coast January 2017

What happens during Group Distance Biofield Tuning?

Eileen McKusick


Globe Sound Healing Conference

Oakland CA September 25, 2014

Tuning the Human Biofield: A unique approach with tuning forks

Sound and biofield researcher Eileen Day McKusick explains the science and structure of the human biofield (energy field) and how she uses tuning forks therapeutically in the field.
Slides can be viewed here:…
The last 2 minutes of this talk are missing from this video
More info plus instructional videos at