I felt “funny” yesterday.

Not quite unsettled but certainly as if I wanted something I couldn’t put my finger on.

Then today I got an email from a friend about Mercury Retrograde; about Mercury being the planet of truth; and how Mercury Retrograde inspires miscommunication, travel snafus, and technology meltdowns – her words, not mine.

There seems to me a direct connection between truth and the unexpected. We are most likely to see our true beliefs in moments of unforeseen circumstances.

For example, say you’re a believer in divine timing. You build a business around your beliefs. The business grows. Oprah wants an interview, and there’s a travel snafu. Your faith-in-divine-timing goes out the window. You actually believe your business success depends on getting there on time; on the plans YOU have made, and the opportunities YOU have attracted (and divine timing needs to stop getting in the way because it’s going to ruin the potential good that could come from being on Oprah).

The truth is that talking about divine timing is good for business, and it may even be your calling, but that doesn’t make it your experience.