Endurance is cultivated when determination is coupled with flexibility. Long-distance runners must adapt to changing conditions, while maintaining a strong sense of purpose. Two trees growing near each other bend and adapt to enhance each other’s survival. A strong image of durability is the stable relationship of intimate partners that strikes a dynamic balance between involvement in the outside world and nourishment in the home.

True endurance is not based on rigidity, because endurance implies flexibility, not being locked in position. Only by adapting to change can we stay in the race. And only by deepening our sense of purpose can we call forth the strength to win it.

Continuity is achieved through movement, not by keeping still. That which has ceased to grow is degrading toward death. Be actively changing, but stay strongly connected with your roots, your deepest thoughts and feelings.

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Trying to establish an enduring relationship too quickly can easily bring misfortune. It is much better to practice pantience and not be expecting immediate success. Let things develop more slowly, step by step. What endures best is what has been carefully cultivated. If you are craving too much, too quickly, you may end up with nothing.

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Success in lengthy undertakings comes to those who know how to manage their resources. If you are attempting something that seems to be beyond your capabilities, time is your friend. Focus on perseverance in seeing things through. Control your energy. Avoid srious risk-taking right now and there will be no cause for remorse.


Abundance comes into full flower when a group is unified and the power of its leadership is at its peak. This is like the sun at midday – a high noon of clarity, insight and progress. Whether this refers to a national cycle, a business boon or a period of personal abundance, peak periods can be brief. It i important to bale your hay while the sun is shining.

During a period of abundance, it is skillful to show benevolence and to share the fruits of one’s good fortune. Think of good deeds now as a hedge against scarcity in the future. This reading bodes well for the raising of children and the nurturing of a healthy family or any close-nit group.