Watch the Instruction Video Provided by Google
(and if that doesn’t help, read my step-by-step instructions below)

Simply click any images in this post to enlarge view, and feel free to drag them to your desktop and save in your tech-instructions filing system.

First of all, here is the the download provided by Google that specifies the sizes of your YouTube banner image and how it displays on various devices.

You can find this template yourself by following these simple steps:

Step 1: First log into you YouTube channel.

Step 2: Scroll over your existing image until you see the pen-edit icon in the top right.

Step 3: Click the icon to reveal the words ‘Edit Channel Art’.

Step 4: Select ‘Edit Channel Art’.

Step 5: Now, at this stage you can either go ahead and upload something, OR hit the ‘How to Create Channel Art’ hyperlink that appears around the bottom edge of your upload box.

How-To change YouTube channel art

Step 6: You’ll be redirected here:

Step 7: At 1:27 in the video, a link appears on the screen for a direct download of the template above.

How-To change YouTube channel art Google video download link

Once you have the download, I suggest that you save it to your files for easy access.

I keep tech info like social media sizes in Notes on my iMac for ease of reference. I particularly love that I can drag images into a note! I also use DayOne and Asana and Dropbox and Evernote for various filing purposes. The point is, there is no one best way. We each need to figure out what works for our peculiar day to day reality.

Creating a coherent, easy-to-use filing system for tech-instructions, passwords, image libraries, website profiles, ongoing projects, financial records, and supplier accounts, is one of the most complex and rewarding innovations you can gift yourself whether you run a business or not.

Want help with your filing system? Click here.

If your YouTube channel is designed to be part of your brand conversation, then you’re going to need more than a pretty picture.

The name of your channel, your business, your services, your beliefs or your cause, are going to make it clear to visitors that they’re in the right place. So what we’re really talking about here is IMAGE EDITING.

Step 8: First load the background you’re going to use (2560 X 1440) into the Chanel Art upload box.

Step 9: Check the various devices views to get a sense of what visitors will see on their desktop versus their tablet or mobile phone, and take note of where you might put text over your background image. Keep the preview active as you go through the next few steps.

Step 10: Open a new window and upload your background to an image editing service such as PicMonkey.

Step 11: From here you want to add text and maybe your logo within the area visible on all devices. You may have to upload the template image as a guide and delete it before saving the finished product. Or guesstimate where the text goes according to the YouTube background image preview you kept active.

Step 12: Save the edited image to your desktop with an obvious title such as, [YouTube Channel Art Image] by first selecting ‘save’ then right-clicking the image and selecting ‘Save image as…’ I suggest you keep this window open in case you need to come back and do another edit.

Step 13: Open a new window and visit and upload your fancy new image.

Step 14: Download the compressed version to your desktop.

Step 15: Go back to the YouTube window and select ‘cancel’ to make sure the raw background image is not uploaded.

Step 16: Repeat steps 2 through 4 (select ‘Edit Channel Art’).

Step 17: Upload your minimised edited background image saved to the desktop.

Step 18: Check how it looks on all devices.

Step 19: Click ‘Save’ if all is well. If you feel the image needs a bit more tweaking, simply go back to the PicMonkey window and select ‘cancel’ to continue editing until you have the Channel Art your happy with!