I’m not offering “special” rates anymore to anyone for any reason.

My special rates equate to less than $20 per hour, sometimes as low as $5 per hour and less. I want for you to be able to access what you need at a reasonable rate and that is what my business will focus on from now on as a function of a fair workload.

I’m still generous. I still do hours for free and unscheduled, but I’m not giving away my time and services and expertise for less than it’s worth anymore.

On Tuesday the 21st of January 2020, I had an epiphany. The universe spoke to me and gave me a very clear message — you will charge full price from now on this year and you will not work with people who do not value what you do by offering a discount.

Obviously the universe doesn’t speak English or even in words so translating that message onto the page is a bit of a farce but you can get the gist of it from how it feels in the moment… which generally works by giving you pictures, scenarios or incidents to help make sense of its meaning. For me, these examples were working with friends and charging less than half what the universe asks me to charge on the Internet.

Prices the universe gives me have been tuned in at every stage of my business for each client I work with, so the universe is not saying, “you have made a mistake giving a discount to friends”. It is simply saying, “from now on, these are the new rules”.