Question 2: “If you could accomplish anything you wanted in the next year, both personally, professionally and financially, what is it that you’d like to see happen?”

In Q2 Ted McGrath asks us to →notice how I’m asking that question: I’m already putting them in the mindset of having accomplished it and I’m setting the frame for them knowing that they can accomplish and achieve it.

He goes on to say…

What happens here when I ask this question for a health practitioner or a financial advisor? They might pull back a little bit and want to know why am I asking about their financial life? Because I’m just helping with their body or I’m just helping them with their breakthrough.

I ask: “Do you think?”

A breakthrough in their health would lead to greater performance and energy in their life, which would lead to greater productivity and greater productivity in their career would lead to a greater income and finances.

So do you think their health has some correlation to their finances?

Ultimately when I ask any practitioner this, they agree.

You need to get the entire vision of your customer’s life so you understand everything they want to accomplish, and then you link your product and your program to the vision of what they want.

When you help somebody break through in an area, it’s not an isolated case. One part of their life affects the entire whole.

Somebody is willing to pay more if your work is going to create an entire transformation in their whole life rather than just one part of their life.

Again, I am not interested in “accomplishing” anything.

Accomplishment, like all mechanisms of control, is irrelevant. Any fixed ideas of how things should be are fixed. Surrender is fluid. It allows what is. Any conditions on what is make for a conditional experience. I have no desire to bend the world to my will. In fact, I have no will beyond the will to simply be.

Therefore, I would not “like to see anything happen”. I am simply present to what is. I am curious and interested in what is. I am an explorer of worlds – the worlds that present themselves in each and every moment. I have no other determination.