Question 4: “What do you think it’s costing you in your life right now not to accomplish and have what’s most important to you?”

In Q4 Ted McGrath claims to be →establishing the pain associated with not having their most important goal.

A client might say to me, “You know Ted, what’s stopping me from making this million dollars is that, or what’s causing me of not making this million dollars is it’s costing one of my fulfillment. Because I know that if I was earning more in my business that I’d have more time and freedom to create more, and I’d be more fulfilled in my life.

If if was more fulfilled I’d show up in my family and I’d be happier and I’d spend more time with my kids. It’s costing me my family life, it’s costing me my sanity because I know I should be achieving more and I’m not. Quite frankly it’s costing me my time because I’m a slave to my business.”

Now, I’m getting all the things that it’s costing my customer. I take a mental note of all these costs, because when I present my blueprint which is my offer all I’m doing is taking what they are sharing with me about the cost that are showing up in their life and I’m connecting it to how my blueprint can help them move through what it’s costing them in their life.

Of course in surrender there is no “cost”.

There is nothing to accomplish that is not being
accomplished as a natural consequence of simply being. As far as the “pain” associated with “not having my most important goal”, I can’t speak to it.

When you are not attached to the way you think it should be, there is no disappointment that it didn’t work out. There’s no such thing as not working out. Whatever is, simply is.