Question 5: “Now that we know what it’s costing you not to achieve this, what’s the biggest problem that’s standing in your way that that’s stopping you from achieving this?”

In Q5 Ted McGrath explains that → “the problem is the barrier that’s in the way of achieving the most important thing.”

Now, I’m getting to the problem. This is huge because when I understand the problem, I can really connect and resonate with the customer.

Let’s say the problem is the client doesn’t have a blueprint and hasn’t created their first product.

if the client shares that with me, then I’m making a mental note that they don’t know how, they don’t have the tools and the systems to get there.

I’m going to dig a little bit more, because what the client is establishing right now is what I call the surface problem.

The surface problem will get me so far because I can share with them how I can solve that problem, but if I get to the secret problem of the customer guess what happens?

I build a real relationship and get to the real vulnerability of what my customer is feeling.

In that moment here is what I say: “I totally get that your problem is you need the system. Clearly, I’m going to teach you that system and I’m going to show you the entire blueprint and I’m going to share that with you at the end when I offer up my program to you.

However, I know that underneath somebody not being able to figure out the system for doing this is a secret fear that people have. What’s the secret fear you have right now in your business?”

Ultimately I get the truth. A client might say: “You know what? The truth is, I kind of lack the confidence to go ask for the check and enroll customers. I lack the confidence of whether my clients will really pay for my life story message. I lack the confidence to just stand there and talk about my life story and talk about my product and program.”

Now I’m getting the real issue.

I drop in with the client for a moment and say: “I totally get it. I totally get that the problem of not having the system is real for you. I get that feeling unworthy is also real for you. These are two major problems that you are having on a surface level and a secret level that we’ve now established. I’d like to ask you the next question now…”

Un.fortunately, I have no problems.

No Problem. No Solution.

In surrender there is no way to assess what is. There is an experience and an allowing that appreciates all things. Everyone and everything is the Alchemy of One. Without problems there is no need for solutions. As a HeartAlchemist I know that I don’t know what is any more than I know how to separate my so-called “self” from all that is.

All I have is an experience of now, a surrender to the sacred.