Question 7: ” On a scale of one to ten, how committed are you to accomplishing this vision that you say you want?”

In Q7 Ted McGrath confesses that →if the client says, “I’m an eight.” I’ll say to them

An eight is really a five in disguise. You are either committed to the ten or you are not. You are either all in or you are not, because being all in, in this business is saying, “I’m ready to do this thing is what this is about and that’s what commitment is about. Are you committed at a ten to your vision or are you not committed at all?”

This is when is I get them committed at a ten, because ultimately I reinforce their vision of what’s most important to them and I ask: “Do you think you need to be at a ten to accomplish what’s most important to you?”

They might say: “Absolutely.”
I say, “When would now be a good time to get you to a ten?”

They say, “I’m at a ten.”

I say, “Awesome.”

Now I’ve got the client fully committed before I ever get into the offer and my blueprint. Now you have a 7 step framework that:

1 ­ establishes the client’s vision and dreams

2 ­ establishes your client’s value that they hold for themselves

3 ­ establishes that it’s not you selling your product. It’s you just talking to them about their vision and their future and selling them on their vision and their future.

If you can do that, what client would say no to their vision and their dreams and their future?

“If you can do that, what client would say no to their vision and their dreams and their future?” Indeed. What client? The Oneness client!

In oneness we are already awake, already interconnected and already on purpose.

The exploration of what we call “business” is not separate from the exploration we call “romance”. Whatever we believe to be going on, whatever we have labelled our exploration of this now process, is simply what we have labelled it.

It is the difference between saying:

  1. I am going to be the person who goes to the shops,
  2. I am going to have an experience of going to the shops,
  3. I am surrendered to the experience that believing I am going to the shops avails me.

The third awareness is in surrender. There is no attachment to actually going anywhere. The commitment being made is to surrender itself, no matter what we have labelled the exploration, no matter how we have separated our language about what’s going on. It’s a subtle distinction and yet the experience of one, two and three are worlds apart.

Un.fortunately, it’s not the language itself that makes the experience.

I can say, “I am in separation” and nothing will change in my oneness experience. Affirmation for change is what it is. Whatever you are saying-thinking-believing is neither here nor there. This is not about aligning yourself to a higher resonance of being. There is no hierarchy in oneness.

Language is important (if it’s important).

I have encountered people who speak in separation but live in oneness, and vice versa. There is no solution to the problem of language, unless we exist in the problem-solution matrix. In oneness, there is no problem.

No need to police your language. No need to foster so-called “positive” thoughts. Positive and negative are assessments of what is. In surrender there is what is, no assessment. It’s a whole new world in every now moment…