Ted McGrath’s ‘Fast Client Enrollment’ (part of his Message to Millions product launch funnel) began with a free “story blueprint” (see link below). I traced back the process to an invitation from Peter B at Learning Strategies. It seems I signed up for something called ‘Fests’ and now I get email offers up the yin-yang for everything from Feminine Power to Brain Reprogramming.

Here’s the message from Ted McGrath in Pete B’s intro email:

Dear Melanie,

The new type of celebrity is getting paid to make an impact today and that new celebrity is You.
My name is Ted McGrath, founder of Ted McGrath Brands, and I will show you how to:

  • Find your life story and attract clients today
  • Craft and communicate your message to draw a flood of clients to you
  • Schedule a never ending stream of high quality client appointments

You are the new celebrity with…

  • A life story that matters
  • Life lessons to teach
  • A message to share with humanity

Now it’s time to attract clients today and start getting paid for your life story and message.
I’ll  show you how to create a 90 second story to attract clients at a networking event….

…and then show you how I created a 90 minute one man theater show on my life story (while playing ten characters from my life.)

Spreading a message to millions starts by sharing your life story and message with one person today.

Download my story attraction formula…click here.

To Your Personal Success,
Ted McGrath
Ted McGrath Brands, LLC

*I have included the link in case you’re interested. No, it’s not my affiliate link. It’s Pete’s original link from the Learning Strategies email.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s the idea I had...

Ted McGrath’s third giveaway download The Fast Client Enrollment Formula is broken down into two parts:

>> 3 enrolment philosophies that will give you more confidence to enrol your clients;
>> and a 7 question framework that will empower you to enrol more clients, and to stand in your own personal value so your clients pay you what you’re worth.

Business womanTed asks you to set the scene for a conversation with your clients (or potential clients, however you want to look at it) at a presentation. You begin this conversation with an entry point, “Thank you for being here. What I’d like to do today during our 45 minutes of this strategy session is 1, I’d like to help you crystallize your message or your vision.”

“Number 2 is I’d like to talk to you about the challenge that you’re facing that’s preventing you from accomplishing this vision and what’s in the way, and number 3, I’d like to share with you a plan and path to accomplish this vision and this dream that you have.”

Then he asks the following questions:

Q1: “What inspired you to show up to this conversation today?”

Q2: “If you could accomplish anything you wanted in the next year, both personally, professionally and financially, what is it that you’d like to see happen?”

Q3: “Out of everything you just shared with me about your personal life, your professional life and your financial life, what’s most important to you?”

Q4: “What do you think it’s costing you in your life right now not to accomplish and have what’s most important to you?”

Q5: “Now that we know what it’s costing you not to achieve this, what’s the biggest problem that’s standing in your way that that’s stopping you from achieving this?”

Q6: “If we were to solve this problem for you, what do you think would happen in your life?”

Q7: ” On a scale of one to ten, how committed are you to accomplishing this vision that you say you want?”

Where To From Here?

Admittedly, he fleshes these out convincingly. By which I mean, his explanation for why you’d ask the question in this way, and what to do with what your clients communicate, is a free-flowing pathway from your “us” and “them” presentation to a “you” and “me” enrolment.

And if this philosophy works for you then this philosophy works for you. I’m not here to bad mouth the method.

The point is that there is another way of understanding what is going on here; another way of making visible all the nuances of separation and manipulation inherent to any means to an end, no matter how “inspiring”.

Let me introduce the Oneness Business approach

Ready? Here goes.