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No more special rates
January 24, 2020

I'm not offering "special" rates anymore to anyone for any reason. My special rates equate to less than $20 per hour, sometimes as low as $5 per hour and less. I want for you to...

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Fast Client Enrollment Formula Review
July 18, 2018

Ted McGrath's 'Fast Client Enrollment' (part of his Message to Millions product launch funnel) began with a free "story blueprint" (see link below). I traced back the process to...

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BioField Tuning Certification Australia
May 9, 2017

5 Videos of the Biofield Tuning Process Level 1 & 2, October 2016 Melbourne, Australia The following videos are of Toni Cross, Biofield Tuning practitioner who works with my...

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Divine Timing of Mercury Retrograde
December 28, 2016

I felt "funny" yesterday. Not quite unsettled but certainly as if I wanted something I couldn't put my finger on. Then today I got an email from a friend about Mercury...

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Divine Daily Impression #1
December 27, 2016

If you can find a truth to which there is no exception then question the very nature of truth itself until you have been rid of certainty altogether and simply be; free in the now...

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