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BioField Tuning in Australia

John Eileen and Annie at the 2017 Melbourne Biofield Tuning Certification Program

My Friends John & Anne Carter

Broadcasters from the Bush in Emmaville, NSW
Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners

Mobile: 0417 626 390

Email: [email protected]

About John & Anne Carter

John & Anne Carter were already accomplished therapists in their own right when they became Biofield Tuning practitioners.

Anne and I were trained by Toni Cross in levels 1 & 2 and were privileged to recieve our practitioner certifications from Eileen McKusick.

We have been trained in various healing modalities & were part of the 6-day Bethel ‘Healing Life’s Hurts Retreat’ team on the Gold Coast for many years. Anne has been involved with energy healing for 20 years and specializes in releasing negative energies & dark forces, especially in the healing community. Being able to help others with the science of Biofield Tuning and working on the body’s self healing systems enriches both of our lives and those of our clients.

We work individually and together and offer both in-person and distance sessions. We are based on the Gold Coast and in the Northern tablelands of NSW.

— John Carter, from the biofield tuning website.

Anne Carter | Biofield Tuning Student Certification
Melbourne February 2016
John Carter | Biofield Tuning Student Certification
Melbourne February 2016

Curriculum Vitae

Anne has Reiki level 1 & 2, and Theta Healing Basic DNA training.

John is an automotive engineer, has a Diploma in Business Management, as well as Theta Healing Basic DNA training.


Spiritual and Healing Interests

Both have investigated Matrix Energetics, Brahma Kumara and Damanhur as part of their ongoing spiritual and healing journey. John is specifically moved by Seth and the writings of Hajjar Gibran, author of ‘Return of the Prophet’. Anne has taken more of an intuitive route, connecting to guides and angel beings who help her to help people most in need. Right now, for example, in mid-2019, Anne is working with a new group of beings to lift the morphic field of suicide that prevails in the countryside.

Current Projects and Investigations

Nothing, it seems, is too far out for these two although they temper that curiosity and opennes with a distinct respect for the science and math of data. Another project on the go is their work with someone I refer to as Lady Margaret. She has presented them her work in directional and quantum electro-magnetic frequencies. The job now is finding sources to connect her science-images to the world of frequency-healing. Fascinating stuff!


Biofield Tuning Student Certification
Gold Coast January 2017



Video Introduction

I have included Eileen McKusick’s video description of Biofield Tuning and other interviews.

Eileen McKusick on Biofield Tuning
What happens during Group Distance Biofield Tuning?
Eileen McKusick
Interview with Joel Roberts
Globe Sound Healing Conference
Oakland CA September 25, 2014

Books and videos on Biofield Tuning

Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy by Eileen McKusick

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Watch Eileen McKusick’s videos and interviews on Biofield Tuning and subscribe to her channel

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Also, check out Eileen McKusick’s website  for more information on the Biofield Tuning toolkit and, if you’re in Australia, contact John & Anne for a consultation (including distance tuning).

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