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My Friend Kenneth Walter Stone

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How We Met

However do you come across these online gurus when you’re not really into that kind of thing?” I hear you ask.

Well, I was invited by a friend to Ken’s first Spiritual Leadership and Mastery Retreat in 2013 at Gramercy Mansion near Baltimore, Maryland U.S.

Not bad for my first trip overseas.

What Was It Like?

Nine participants (and Ken makes ten) ostensibly took over the place for a week!

All day floating from meal to meditation to exploration of the grounds full of fairies and water nymphs. It was pretty magical. And because we arrived just as the leaves turn the trees from green giants to gold blankets beneath, there was an extra special-ness about it all (for me). Every season is my favourite and any natural event, architectural splendour or social phenomena are sure to enchant my sensibilities.

So What Really Happens At These Things?

For the most part, we seemed to operate on a schedule without an agenda.

We started on Sunday night November 4 and left Friday noon, five days later, an almost unrecognisable group of people, including Ken.

2013 Spiritual Leadership + Mastery Retreat with Ken StoneBreakfast, as you like it, then a morning session of dropping-in (which always made me poo). Then break for lunch (I couldn’t eat since my appetite disappeared the minute we started), followed by an afternoon session processing one person at a time (possibly the most incredible intensives ever since none of us had any pre-conceptions of what was happening or where we were taking this).

Break again for dinner (all provided in the cost of the retreat, clever Ken) then an early evening meditation before breaking for the day to relish and marinate in the wonder of the day with each other.

At night, sometimes we watched a documentary or played really loud music. Sometimes we just chilled in the room together drawing, sewing and chatting. It was amazing that there was no subtextual conflicts or unspoken grievances (that I could see*) between such a diverse group of people staying in a single location for a week of intensives.

A beautiful thing happens when we come together in surrender and allow everything to simply be. Which is exactly what we did, from my perspective. Then again, if you ask any other member of the crew they’ll no doubt have their own version of events – more testimony that we simply allowed what-is if you ask me.

*Although, as I think about it now there was a strangeness between two retreat-goers; and a ‘special’ energy between Ken and a couple of the participants. Probably because he knew them and worked with them as equals rather than just as clients. Even so, I never felt second-guessed or spoken down to as if he knew something I didn’t. It was all very self-affirming.